5 Tips For Storing Your Summer Clothes

It is time once again for the seasons to change and to usher in Fall. That also means for many of you that it is time to go through your closet and swap out the Summer pieces for the Fall/Winter pieces. Some of you may store your off season clothing in plastic tubs, some of you may use storage bags and some of you may simply put the off season pieces in a harder to use area of your closet.

Whichever method you use to store the clothing, we thought these 5 tips may help you out.

5 Tips for Storing Your Summer Clothes


Evaluate each item

Pick a day when you are in the mood and be merciless. Look at each item one by one and determine if you have worn it in the last 2 years. If not, let it go. Create a pile of clothing you will donate and add anything you have not worn to that pile.

Evaluate your size

No one likes the fact that they may have gained weight, and that some of your clothing may no longer fit. We all hold out the hope that someday we may get back into that dress, pair of jeans, etc. If it has been more than 2 year since you have been able to fit into the item, put it on the donate pile. It’s fine to keep one or two smaller pieces if you think the visual impact of this goal to loose weight will help, but realistically if you do loose weight you’ll be so happy that you will want to go out and buy new smaller clothes.

Can you bring it into the next season?

When you are looking through your items, especially simple tops, consider if they can be worn in the Fall/Winter. Tank tops and cami tops work great under open front sweaters and some of your dresses will work in cooler temps when paired with a great blazer jacket. If the pieces can cross over, don’t store them.

Check the condition

Before you pack away any pieces, check for loose buttons, pulling seams, etc. Take the time to fix these issues now. If you wore the item and did not launder it, we advise taking the time to launder it before you store it. Body oils that are not visible on an item now can darken and discolor over time when an item is stored away.

Hanging vs. folding & where to store

It is personal preference how you will store your off season clothing; some people have room in their closet to be able to move the off season items from mainly used part of the closet to another area. If you don’t have the luxury of all that room in the closet you will probably end up removing the pieces and storing them elsewhere. Hanging works well for items like skirts, dresses and any piece that has delicate fabric that may permanently wrinkle if packed away a long time. Think about other areas in the home that have a pole like a coat closet, basement, etc. Maybe you can hang a clothing pole in the basement for your off season clothing?

If you are storing other items like shorts, t-shirts, etc you can put them in a plastic storage crate or vacuum storage bag. The vacuum storage bags save a lot of space, but your clothing will come out wrinkled when you finally open the bag; this isn’t permanently damaging to most items but they may need a fluff in the dryer to remove those wrinkles in the Spring. We don’t recommend using cardboard boxes for storing your clothing because if there is moisture around the storage area (like the basement or garage) the cardboard can absorb the moisture and form a musty smell that may transfer onto your clothing. Plus, in the unfortunate event of water leaking into the basement/garage/home the clothing wouldn’t be protected in a cardboard box.

Placing a closet sachet in the bins will help to keep bugs and smells away from your off season clothing.

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How To Save Space in the Closet – Make a Double Hanger With a Can Tab

Are you like most people and have a crammed closet of clothes?  Are you always wishing for a trick or system that would allow you to hang more clothing in the closet?  Usually you have ample height in the closet, but not enough rod space.  You can buy specialized hangers but that can get really expensive.

This trick will help you maximize the space you have and it is so easy!  You don’t even have to buy anything because we are 99% sure you have all you need laying around the house.

How to Save Space in the Closet & Make a Double Hanger



Just pop off the tab of an aluminum can and slip it over your hanger.  In this case we used a plastic hanger, but it works for any type.



Then you can hook a second hanger in the hole of the tab, saving space on the closet rod. This is a great way to hang an outfit or to double up skirts, pants, etc.

Free and easy – the perfect kind of idea!

Now go out there and tackle your closet;  with the change of the seasons upon us it is a good time to purge as well, donating anything you are no longer wearing.

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It’s Back! Designer Clothing Auctions Start at Just $0.99 (And No Reserve)

It’s back, and now is your time to nab a fantastic deal on some of our designer clothing for men and women.  The $0.99 Auction Extravaganza!



View all of the 100+ auctions starting at $0.99 here.

There is no reserve price on any of these auctions, so if you place a bid for $0.99 and no one else is bidding – it’s yours for $0.99!

Here are just some of the name brand designers you can expect to find in this sale:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Talbots
  • Ann Taylor
  • Motto (and other QVC brands)
  • Nautica
  • Jones New York
  • Eddie Bauer

Happy shopping!

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Repurpose Your Old T-Shirts – How To Make a Dog Toy From an Old T-Shirt

It is super easy to take one of your old t-shirts and turn it into a new dog toy!  No sewing is required and this is a quick project.  Even kids can do it!

First, find 2 or 3 old t-shirts.  It can have holes or stains, Fido won’t care.  If you don’t own any you can pick them up super cheap at the thrift store.

Next,  lay the shirt flat and cut off the hem, arms and the neck like this:



Next, along the bottom edge use scissors to cut slits in the shirt about 1.5″ apart.



Once you have this complete, tear the t shirt into strips, starting at the cut lines.  It will tear easily.

Divide the stripes into 3 equal piles.



Using a strip of the fabric, tie each pile at the top, tightly:



Take another piece of the fabric and fasten all 3 piles together, tightly.



Braid the fabric and secure the end with another piece of the fabric.

That is all there is to it!


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Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Uniforms – Yes or No? (And Hooray – 100% Made in the USA)

We have just caught our first glimpse of the USA Olympic uniforms that Ralph Lauren has designed for the opening ceremonies in at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

The peacoat is eye appealing and classy we think, and there is also a cardigan that is creating quite a stir of opinions.  The cardigan’s patchwork feel is really quite unusual and like nothing worn before by our country’s Olympic athletes.  What do you think about the pieces?  We like the stylish peacoat, shown below:

Photo credit:  Ralph Lauren

Photo credit: Ralph Lauren

Photo credit:  RalphLauren.com

Photo credit: RalphLauren.com

You can actually buy one of these for a mere $795 at Ralph Lauren’s website.

We are not 100% sure we are in love with the cardigan however.    What do you think?




Apparently many people must like it because it is already sold out online!  We have a hunch that these may be popping up on eBay in the near future.

Photo credit: Ralph Lauren

Photo credit: Ralph Lauren

What we do know about this collection, and the part we love the best, is that these are 100% Made in the USA.  Nothing like the controversy that was kicked up during the 2012 games when it came to light that many of Ralph Lauren’s 2012 Olympic uniforms were actually made in China.  This time around our athletes are wearing garments made of yarn from Oregon which was spun in Pennsylvania and dyed in North Carolina.  All these steps merge together in a facility just outside of Los Angeles where the uniforms are created.


Will you be watching the Olympics?



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Giveaway Time! Win a Pair of 180s Ear Warmers

To kick off our new collection of 180s ear warmers and Isotoner gloves we are giving one lucky person a free pair of these adorable 180s ear warmers!



Entry is super easy – see below.  You can gain extra entries too!

Winner to be drawn and notified by email.  Event closes 11/24/13.  Good luck and please share this with your friends!

(Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to score yourself a pair?  Shop Dream-Adventures for a complete selection of 180s ear warmers in different colors and styles now.)

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How to Replace a Missing Drawstring – Wardrobe Rescue

It’s happened to all of us;  your favorite pair of pants with a drawstring somehow looses the drawstring or it slips into the hole in the waistband and you can’t get it back.

Sound familiar?

Never fear!  There is a simple way to fix that missing drawstring!

First, if one side of the drawstring has went into the “black hole”, you are going to need to pull out the entire drawstring to fix it.  Go for it – just pull it all the way out.

Next, find a large safety pin and pin one end of the drawstring.  Make sure you pin down about one inch or so,  being certain the pin is in the meaty part of the string because you are going to be putting some tension on the cord and you don’t want the pin to be pulled out.

Photo credit:  WikiHow

Photo credit: WikiHow

Take the pin with the string attached and feed it through one of the holes in the waistband, scootching the pin and fabric along as you go.  Use your fingers to keep moving the pin forward;  you are aiming to come out the other side of the waistband, in the other opening.

Photo credit:  WikiHow.com

Photo credit: WikiHow.com

Once you see the pin poking through that opening, give the drawstring one final tug and remove the pin.

Done!  This is a simple fix for a common problem and it will help you gain a longer life from the items you already have in your closet.  This trick works for drawstrings in hoodys and in coats as well.

Thanks to WikiHow.com for the photos

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Giving Back Feels Good – Our Donation to the Veteran’s Honor Guard

We just wanted to tell you about a fabulous group of local volunteers that make up the Veterans Honor Guard in our area.  Kelli’s Dad Gary is one of the members, so this group is near and dear to our hearts.

This dedicated group of men and women attend the funerals of area Veterans to honor them for their military service, when requested by the surviving family.  In 2012 this small group of approximately 13 people presided at over 130 funerals.  They are up to 106 already for 2013.

This is a 100% volunteer group, they receive no reimbursement for their time, for their gas to drive to the funerals, etc.  They give of their time freely, from the heart.  We live in Michigan and it gets downright freezing cold.  Many of the funeral ceremonies take place outside so these volunteers struggle to stay warm.  When Kelli’s Dad saw our recent shipment of ear warmers he asked if he could offer them to the volunteers to purchase. We decided that we would give these amazing people a bit of help staying warm; we donated 180s ear warmers to the entire squad.





We hope this little gesture of our sincere appreciation helps to keep them warm in the coming Winter!  It’s amazing what they do for our community.

Giving back feels good – we believe in the power of sharing our blessings and encourage you to do so as well.  Trust us, it will bring a smile to your face!

Kelli's Dad Gary, at a recent funeral.

Kelli’s Dad Gary, at a recent funeral.

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Enter to Win 180s Ear Warmers From Dream Adventures

To kick off our new collection of 180s ear warmers and Isotoner gloves we are giving one lucky person a free pair of these adorable 180s ear warmers!



Entry is super easy – see below.  You can gain extra entries too!

Winner to be drawn and notified by email 10/22/13.  Good luck and please share this with your friends!

(Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to score yourself a pair?  Shop Dream-Adventures for a complete selection of 180s ear warmers in different colors and styles now.)

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New Kirks Folly Halloween Jewelry Items Are In

Do you love Halloween?  Are you one of those people that pull out your themed items once September hits?

If so, we know you will be excited about this news!

Kirks Folly Halloween Jewelry

kirks folly moon diva couture necklace

Kirks Folly Moon Diva Halloween necklace

Kirks Folly Bump In the Night pin

Kirks Folly Bump In the Night pin

From whimsical pins to elaborate necklaces, you can find something in the Kirks Folly Halloween Jewelry collection here.

Kirks Folly Season of the Witch cuff bracelet

Kirks Folly Season of the Witch cuff bracelet

We are certified Kirks Folly dealers, so you can buy with confidence.  Our relationship with the company means your item will ship directly from their warehouse within 1 day of payment – no waiting around for your magical piece to arrive.

Shop the Kirks Folly collection here.


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