Designer handbags: faux leather vs. real leather

If you are in the market for a new handbag, you have a hard choice in front of you!  Not only do you have to consider the style, color and shape of the handbag–you need to decide on the material as well.

Faux leather Steve Madden handbag

Of all the options, one you will want to weigh heavily is the material.  Aside from fabric handbags, your choices generally fall into two other categories:  genuine leather and faux leather.  What are the differences?  Let us explain:

1)  Origin: Real leather or genuine leather is a natural material, coming from the hide of animals.  Faux leather is man-made to imitate leather.

2)  Price: Expect to pay more for a real leather bag.  The old adage is true:  you get what you pay for.  If you like to change bags often, you may prefer to invest a smaller amount into several bags instead of spending more on a bag that will last.

3)  Durability: Leather will last much, much longer than faux leather will because it is stronger and can handle wear from use much better.  You can expect for a real leather bag to last you at least twice as long, if not up to 10 times as long as a faux leather bag.  With proper care, leather handbags can last years and years.

4)  Colors: Typically genuine leather handbags are solid color or a patchwork style mixing different pieces of solid color leathers together.  It is difficult to find a multi color printed leather bag.  Faux leather on the other hand can accept a multi color print quite easily.

5)  Style/shape: In this category, there really isn’t much difference between the two bags.  You can find nearly every shape from satchel to hobo to clutch to tote in both leather and faux leather bags.

6)  Cleaning: Genuine leather shouldn’t be wiped with water as it may stain certain leathers.  You will need to use a specialty leather cleaner or have it professionally cleaned.  A faux leather bag can usually be wiped clean with a damp cloth when needed.

So you can see, the choice boils down to quite a few different factors and what means more to you is a personal decision.  We carry both types of authentic designer handbags at Dream-Adventures.  You can search our selection here.

May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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