Susan Graver Liquid Knit fabric – Dream Adventures gives the details

If you are a fan of QVC, the famous home shopping television channel and online shopping site, you recognize the name of on of their leading clothing brands, Susan Graver.

Susan Graver Liquid Knit

Susan Graver has several different types of fabric she uses in her designer clothing, some of which go by particular names.  For example, there is the Susan Graver Liquid Knit fabric, Susan Graver Plush Knit, Susan Graver Peachskin, Susan Graver Lustra Knit and more.

The name Liquid Knit sounds so nice, so easy to wear, like a drapey piece of magic fabric for your body.  Do you agree?  Well, Liquid knit is a fantastically drapey, flowy fabric that you will adore.  Weight wise, it is light – but it lays against your skin and moves as you do.  Never clingy (hooray!!), so no matter your size you will find it flattering.   Susan Graver Liquid Knit is used in a wide range of petite to plus size fashions.

Another huge perk of the material is that it is season-less, meaning a Liquid Knit piece will be a clothing investment you can wear year round.  And the choices abound:  it is easy to find Liquid Knit pieces in various styles of pants, skirts, tops, dresses, and more!

Another bonus?  Liquid Knit is washable, so you can care for the clothing yourself without having to pay those high dry cleaning bills.  A fantastic blend of 92% polyester with 8% spandex make it a perfect easy to care for fabric!

Since it originated there, you can still buy Susan Graver clothing from the original source, QVC.  That is a no-brainer.  But do you realize that you can also buy 100% authentic Susan Graver clothing from Dream-Adventures?  We are an authorized reseller of QVC clothing, including many Susan Graver Liquid Knit pieces.

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Remember, you want to love what you wear;  you will feel better inside and out.  May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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