How To Disinfect Your Purse & Keep It Clean and Free of Germs

When you have a handbag you like you want to keep it looking it’s best for as long as possible, right?  Even when you take great care with the purse they have a way of picking up unwanted spots and worse yet – germs!


Hundreds of purse bottoms have been tested by microbiologists and a level of bacteria was discovered on every bag they tested. Every one!
These bacteria types include pseudomona, staphylococccus aureus, E. coli, and salmonella. One test we read about stated that four out of five purses tested positive for salmonella.

Most of the time a handbag will carry germs on the bottom of the bag.  This makes sense  because if you think about where we set the bag it does come in contact with oodles of yucky areas.  The counter at the gas station, the floor of the car, the shopping cart at the store, the door of a public restroom (please don’t tell us you ever set your purse on the floor in a restroom … eeew!), your locker at the gym, etc.

What is the best way to keep your handbag free from germs?  Make sure you think before you plunk it down.  At a restaurant always put your handbag on another chair seat or hang it from your chair.  Do not sit it on the floor.  When you come home leave your bag at the door so you don’t track any germs that may be hitching a ride through your home.

And how should you disinfect your present bag?  It depends on the kind of handbag you own.

Plastic or vinyl bags:

This is the easiest type of bag to keep germ free;  just wipe the bag with a disinfecting wipe.

Leather bags:

Ah, a bit more tricky.  You can use alcohol free wipes on some leathers, but you will want to test an inconspicuous spot on the bag first to be sure this won’t leave a stain or a dark mark on the leather.

Cotton bags:

Most bags that are made of all cotton or a cotton blend can be laundered which is nice.  Hot water will kill the most germs but you may find it fades your bag so be careful!  If in doubt you may want to place it in the freezer instead overnight (be sure it is empty) which will kill most germs.

It is important to remember that it is not just the outside of your bag that may be germ ridden too.  Things inside should also be wiped down with disinfecting wipes including your wallet (who knows what is on the money you handle!), your cosmetics, your keys, etc.  And toss out anything that you do not need any longer.


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Know The Measurements! How Dream Adventures Measures Authentic Designer Handbags

Dream Adventures sells handbags, lots and lots of authentic designer handbags.  When we list the bags for sale, we take time to photograph each one individually as well as to measure each one.

Our listings will include a measurement of the height of the bag, the width of the bag and the depth of the bag.  We’ll also include the strap drop length, so you will know how the bag will fit you when it is on your shoulder.

Here is a short video, explaining the process.  We hope you’ll enjoy it, and that you will find it to be another useful point of knowledge as you shop Dream-Adventures for your next designer handbag.  100% authentic, all the time, guaranteed!

Enjoy the video!


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What Exactly Does “New With Defects” Mean For Designer Handbags & Accessories?

If you are an eBay shopper and you frequent the clothing, shoes and accessories categories, you may have noticed the appearance of a condition code called “New, With Defects”.

Man, that sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it?  NEW with defects.  Your first question is probably what defects, right?  Well, we get that and we wanted to let you know about this condition code and also to reassure you that anytime Dream Adventures lists an item and categorizes it as “New With Defects” you can count on us to clearly and accurately describe any issue.

When the item is photographed, we will take up close photos of any issues that we see on the item. We will also describe them in the Condition field of the listing.  We feel this is very important for a few reasons

  • We want you to know what the item looks like before you buy
  • We want to be honest and inform you of the item
  • And most of all we want you delighted when your item arrives.

No one likes an unwelcome surprise delivered to their door, and we promise never to do that to you!

Dealing with designer handbags, some defect examples may be a scuff in the leather, a scratch on a piece of hardware, or a color transfer from one bag to another at the vendor while in transit.  Here are some of our up close shots, showing the defects we mentioned for these particular handbags:

A scratch in the hardware

Color transfer on the leather

Scuff in the leather

As you can see, we are talking about small issues that make the designer handbag just slightly less than perfect.  The bag is still in fantastic shape, still 100% authentic guaranteed and it has plenty of useful life left.  Some of the issues we point out are hardly noticeable, but we go back to our “honesty is the best” policy and we divulge the true condition of the item.

You’ll find a mix of items listed at Dream-Adventures, including some New With Defects items.  We get in hundreds of pieces of stock at a time, and we are bound to encounter a few items that are less than perfect.

If you ever have a question about an item we have for sale, or you need to see other photographs, please do not hesitate to ask.  We want you 100% comfortable with your shopping experience.

Happy shopping!  May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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Who is Bruce Makowsky? (B Makowsky to His Fans)

B Makowsky – do you know the name?  Dream Adventures does;  we’ve long been a fan of his high quality leather goods including the designer handbags.  You can find his products at high end department stores, on his website, and on QVC.  Of corse, also at Dream-Adventures….where you pay way less for the same 100% authentic item!

B Makowsky is a real guy-Bruce Makowsky.

Bruce has been around fashion and design for a long time, and knows quality.  Committed to using only high quality supple leather, the B Makowsky handbags have a look and feel all their own.  His personal focus is a single goal: to create ageless fashion for modern women, the kind of luxury items that will look exquisite and draw compliments today, tomorrow and many years in the future.

Dream Adventures loves when a new shipment of Makowsky handbags arrive, as happened recently.  Each individual bag has a special something, from a robust color to interesting hardware to glamourous detailing.

These bags just make you happy!  The bags come with ample storage too, well thought out so that you have a place for everything and the items are easy to see and easy to get at.

You can see our full selection of B Makowsky handbags and we have FREE shipping via Priorty Mail (in a box) on most of them for all US customers.

Happy shopping and may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!


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Brilliant Closet Storage Ideas for Handbags & Scarves

Are you a designer handbag lover (aka collector)?  Dream Adventures knows there are many women out there that have quite a stockplie of designer handbags, but how do you store them?

That is tricky, and we have heard many ideas ranging from storing them in boxes that are stacked on shelves in the closet to putting them in plastic storage bins and many ideas in between.

But we think this idea from Real Simple Magazine is brilliant!

Photo credit: Real Simple Magazine


Look at how they store their handbags, using shower curtain hooks!   This is especially handy for the bags you switch between often, so they can be right at your finger tips and you don’t have to hassle with digging through a storage bin or climbing up to retrieve a box stacked up high.

Even if you don’t have a ton of room in your clothing closet, this idea would work on a pole in the hall closet, a spare bedroom closet, the basement or even the storage attic.

What do you think?

And they also featured this idea for storing designer scarves using shower curtain rings.  You will want to be sure you get really smooth rings without any edges that could snag the scarf–but we think this is really clever too!  Plus, it is pretty.  From experience we know that you tend to wear something more often when you see it.  Once it gets packed away into a drawer or bin, it is forgotten about.  That is what happens to many women and their scarves.  Not any more!

Photo credit: Real Simple Magazine


Speaking of scarves, have you seen our How To Tie A Designer Scarf video series on our YouTube Channel? We’ve got a wide variety of  ways to wear your scarves.  You can see our videos here, and we invite you to subscribe to our Dream Adventures YouTube channel so you can be alerted when we post a new video.

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Dream Adventures 5 Essential Fall wardrobe must-haves

Fall is not that far away, and now that we have enjoyed the warm weather of summer we are thinking it is time to start experiencing those chilly nights and cooler days.  Dream-Adventures knows for some it is welcome relief while others hate to see the Summer go.

Love it or hate it, it’s a fact of life.  Here are 5 wardrobe essentials for Fall that you will want to have for the season’s change:

Trench coat:  This is a versatile option and it is great for cooler temps.  Trench coats are available in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and lengths.

Jeans: Say goodbye to capris & crop pants…buh bye to shorts…it’s time to cover up those legs.  Find a pair that works for your body;  the wider leg style continues to be popular as does the skinnier jeans.  Watch the waistline;  too low of a waistline can result in a muffin-top and no one wants that!  If you find a pair you like, buy a couple of them in different colors.  This way, you save the hassle of shopping for jeans all over again!

Handbag: Your options abound on this one, but put away your straw, mesh and cotton bag & bring on something heavier.  A leather handbag is always a great investment, but if you are watching your budget or you like to change bags often you may want to check out a faux leather bag from some of the fun designers like Kathy Van Zeeland, Guess, Steve Madden, Nine West, etc.

Versatile shirt:  This is a goodie, and having several of these is a great idea.  A versatile shirt that looks great under a jacket as well as worn alone is a good day to evening piece.  Something that you look good in, that can be accessorized with different necklaces to make it look like an entirely new piece.  The classic button down shirt is a good option, but don’t shy away from tunics either!

Boots: Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome Fall with a new pair of boots.  So many styles to pick from, as well as materials.  Obviously, go for leather if you can afford it as they will last so much longer.  We are seeing the gamut of styles from the anklet bootie that emerged last Fall & is still popular to the mid-calf to the knee boot.  The idea here is to go for what you are comfortable in;  for example, a bootie is cute but if you don’t like attention at the ankle then it may not be for you.  Experiment!

We can help you pull together your Fall wardrobe with the basics we have mentioned here.  One piece or a whole outfit – we are here to give you an online shopping adventure!  (Save on combined shipping with our $1.50 per item shipping for add-on items in the USA).  May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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Louis Vuitton Handbag Care Guide by Dream-Adventures

If you own a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag, the real-deal that you probably had to save up to purchase…….then you know how important it is to care for that bag so it will last.

Hopefully you pay attention to where you place it, you are mindful not to knock into things, and you make sure to keep it away from water and moisture.

But, what exactly is the best way to care for the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas handbag?  Firstly, the Monogram Canvas is strong and light weight material that is resistant to scratching and is also waterproof.  We checked the Louis Vuitton website and found out their tips to make your bag last:

1.  Do not let it come into contact with abrasive surfaces

2.  Try and protect it from bumps and shocks

3.  Keep away moisture and do not let it have constant exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

4.  To clean Monogram Canvas, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth.  DO NOT use soap or solvent.

5.  If you are not using your bag, you should keep the bag in the felt pouch that came with it when you made the purchase.  (Don’t have it?  You can find replacements on eBay).

At Dream-Adventures we have a constantly changing inventory of designer handbags, designer clothing and accessories.  Since we sometimes have Louis Vuitton bags in stock, we thought this care guide would be helpful to our customers.  Don’t own a Louis Vuitton handbag?  That is OK;  the tips above can be adapted to any handbag you own to make it last.

May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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B Makowsky Handbags – Perfect Leather Bag For Spring & Summer

We are thrilled to see the arrival of Spring, and even more excited the anticipation of Summer.  Sunny days, warmer temperatures, and not having to wear a jacket!  It’s been a fairly easy Winter season for us but we know that some of our customers experienced record snowfall and horrible cold temps.

Well, spring is here!

What better way to celebrate the season then by picking up a new handbag?  Something bright and perky, to make you smile.  We have a selection of new B Makowsky leather handbags in & they are delightful.  Pure luscious white leather with interesting hardware details.  We are sure you will adore them!

Take a peek at all of our B Makowsky leather handbags.

May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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B Makowsky launches new designer handbag collection B Makowsky Lites

The man that makes it happen,  Mr. Bruce Makowsky (who just happens to be married to the handbag diva herself Kathy Van Zeeland), has launched a new collection of handbags that are called the B Makowsky Lites.   These are part of their main line of fine leather handbags, B Makowsky

These luscious handbags have the same high quality leathers and fantastic hardware detailing as the originals, but are lighter to carry.  As sellers of B Makowsky handbags, we have heard from several of our customers that a B Makowsky bag is heavy.  They are right, the thick leather and high volume of chunky hardware can make them a bit on the heavy side.  This must have been an issue Bruce Makowsky heard often which probably prompted him to create his Lites collection.

One of our favorites from the new Lites collection is the B Makowsky Canterbury bag.  Available in solid leather from shades from black to brown AND some even having a magnificent haircalf trim on the front.  Shown below is the Canterbury Medium Satchel in Brandy/Zebra.  This is yummy, and with a retail of $298, it is an investment. 

However, being a savvy shopper you can score a B Makowsky handbag for way under retail online.  Yes, you can check sites like Macys and Zappos, but eBay is our #1 suggestion.  You can find 100’s of B Makowsky Lites handbags on eBay including the Canterbury Satchel.

Happy shopping, and may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!


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Top fall trend: The Ladylike Handbag

Ditch the big over-sized tote for one of fall’s hottest fashion trends…the ladylike bag.  Take a cue from Penelope Cruz, shown here carrying a manageable sized perfectly yummy fall handbag. 

LADYLIKE BAGS photo | Penélope Cruz  

And even Miss Courtney Love loves her ladylike Chanel handbag…too hot in the houndstooth!  (But eeew…what was she thinking with that awful outfit??)

celebrity photo gallery main image - Rock goddess Courtney Love gets her shop on at the Malibu Country Mart.

This satchel handbagis a classic shape, and presented in a myraid of styles for the season it is sure to be a new favorite! 

For a few seasons now we’ve seen the over-popular hugely oversized handbag nearly take over one celebrity after another, like our pal Miss Beyonce shown below.  While we admit Miss B is fashion forward, even her small frame can’t help but feel out of whack after lugging around that 10 pound leather hobo all day.  What’s a girl to do??  Unless of course you’ve got a man to do so magical back rub to make you forget all about it! 


Whatever your style, these divas know the magical trick….WORK IT MOMMA!

Happy days & may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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